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Top 500 IT Companies of 2016 Announced


As Basistek, it ranked 7th among the top 500 IT companies in 2016 according to Business Applications Revenues, 27th in the Service Providers category and 145th among Information Technologies companies. As Basistek, we continue to rise to the top. We would like to thank our customers, business partners and HP Software Family, especially our employees for this success. Informatics 500 Research is an expert, independent and reliable research based on the net sales revenues of the Turkish IT sector. According to these data, our ranking values ​​as Basistek are given below. 194th in the Top 500 IT Companies Ranking of 2016. 145th in the Top 500 Information Technologies list of 2016. 27th in the Top 500 Service Providers in 2016. 7th in the Top 500 Business Applications Revenues in 2016.



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