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Team Basistek

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BASISTEK, which started its operations in 2009 to provide consultancy services in the IT sector, has an experienced staff of computer and software engineers. With its expert staff, it offers products, solutions and services to a wide range of customers by establishing business partnerships with the industry's leading technology companies. BASISTEK continues to offer sustainable technology solutions by constantly renewing itself in a sector that changes every day, such as technology. BASISTEK, from sectoral solutions to business solutions; It has adopted the principle of providing competitive advantage to its customers as a reliable technology and business partner in a wide range of areas, from system integration studies to outsourcing, from service and maintenance services to consultancy. With its experienced employees who have deep knowledge in infrastructure and management software, BASISTEK is one of Turkey's leading technology companies with its rich business practices. BASISTEK meets all the IT needs of medium and large-sized companies under the "optimal" conditions and "highest" quality desired by its customers. In addition, it is among our goals to serve the development of both the sector and our country by making serious investments in the field of software in Turkey and with engineers who produce solutions for tomorrow's needs today.

You may not be able to follow the right path, use your time effectively, or know what you need to acquire all the equipment you need to start a successful career. So what do you do when you get the chance to find all these opportunities together?

The digital age has already begun to live tomorrow. Global institutions and organizations that try to make and manage their business processes more efficiently every day need more and more consultancy from teams that think analytically, are creative, are eager to solve problems and are talented. While those who want to distinguish their place in the professional world by providing consultancy in the field of IT aim to improve themselves while they are still undergraduate graduates or even about to complete their bachelor's degree, the advantage of having a technical mind, regardless of the undergraduate subject, is that all the resources required to develop in this field are accessible, in the practical world, through real situations, They are also aware that being supported by experienced and knowledgeable people is invaluable.

We would like to thank all candidates and participants for their interest in Basistek Academy over the last two years. You can follow 2024 Basistek Academy announcements on our Linkedin page.

BASISTEK 1920x1080 LC_edited_edited.png
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