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BASISTEK Made Its Mark at OpenText Partner Kick-Off 2024!


BASISTEK Information Technologies "Value Added It Solutions.
Team Basistek team with the OpenText Partner Kick-off 2024 Partner of the Year, SaaS Project of the Year, Maintenance and Renewal Partner of the Year and Digital Management Project of the Year awards.

The "OpenText Partner Kick-off 2024" (OpenText Partner Enablement) event, where the 2023 efforts of the global software giant OpenText's Turkey Team and business partners are evaluated, successful projects and business partners are rewarded, and the year 2024 is opened, was held between 6-7 November. It was hosted by Text Turkey and held at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Avanos. BASISTEK Information Technologies also took part in this special event where the leading IT companies of the sector were present.

Evaluating the achievements achieved after a challenging and hard-working year, the road map for 2024 was drawn by focusing on new year initiatives and projections. The event has very rich activity content; Thanks to its travel program, which included magical atmospheres such as Red Valley and Zelve, it enabled cultural exchange with Cappadocia and was greatly appreciated by the participants.

SaaS Project of the Year

The first part of the Open Text partner Kickoff 2024 award ceremony included the awarding of the successful SaaS Project and the most successful business partner in this regard. IT Systems - Monitoring and Automation Manager Dilek Özüzümcü Gider said at the ceremony where BASISTEK Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. received the '2023, SaaS Project of the Year' award thanks to the project implemented for Turkey's leading retail and virtual market chain, which was carried out with great devotion throughout the year. While congratulating the entire BASISTEK Family for this great success story, he underlined that Open Text Turkey is also a big part of this family and that they will produce even more successful projects in 2024, and stated that he wholeheartedly congratulates all his teammates who contributed to the work that lasted throughout the year.

Team Basistek, Maintenance and Renewal Champion of 2023

At the ceremony, BASISTEK ESM and ITSM Unit Manager Erdinç Öztürk presented the '2023 Maintenance and Renewal' award, which is in a very valuable position in terms of being an award symbolizing the success stories that left their mark on the whole year, specifically for OpenText, in the field of 'Maintenance and Renewal', which is a success criterion of strategic importance for the company. He congratulated the entire technical staff for achieving the 'Business Partner' title 2 years in a row.

Digital Management Projct of the Year

Another award in the Digital Project management category was the 'Digital Management Project of the Year' award. The project implemented for one of the most widespread banks in Turkey, where the Basistek technical team manages customer satisfaction continuously and uninterruptedly throughout the year as a result of great dedication and devotion, was deemed worthy of an award. Regarding the project, where a versatile and layered service including product chain and service is provided at the solution partnership stage, Basistek Sales Manager Sevilay Gürel stated that the the project makes them proud which they expertly manage many sensitive points.

Business Partner of the Year Basistek Bilgi Teknolojileri

The most important moment of the award ceremony was undoubtedly the announcement of the 'Business Partner of the Year' award, which was announced at the finale. This great moment, when our entire team in Cappadocia was on stage representing Basistek, which has received the award many times before, received great applause from the participants, while the team members accepted the congratulations by taking lots of photos. Managing Partner Alper Özdemir in his message; He congratulated the entire technical team, who made him feel justified pride, while stating that the entire Basistek team, which has been working with great devotion all year, deserves this success, and that they will not be satisfied with the success achieved, but will raise the bar even more in the coming period and hold tighter to the goal of becoming an international service provider, which is in our vision and mission.

Open Text ve Basistek Ekipleri etkinlik sahnesinde bir arada.
Open Text and Basistek crews together on stage.

In the ceremony where Team Basistek almost did not leave the stage, Managing Partner Alper Özdemir, IT Systems - Monitoring and Automation Manager Dilek Özüzümcü Gider, Sales Manager Sevilay Gürel and ESM and ITSM Unit Manager Erdinç Öztürk, representing Basistek Information Technologies, took the stage, Sales Director at OpenText Erdem Şahin. , Key Account Manager at OpenText Onur Vursavaş, Director - South Europe - Middle East and Africa Software Support Sales at OpenText Samer Zein, Regional Support Sales Manager at OpenText Celalettin Pişgin, Partner Business Manager at OpenText Tuğrul Tutkavul, Director Channel and Alliances at OpenText Eyüp He shared it with the valuable OpenText officials represented by Mr. and Managing Director, Turkey at OpenText Zafer Akın.


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