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Investing in the Organization For Future - Get Ready For Tomorrow!


BASISTEK Information Technologies "Value Added It Solutions.
Working shoulder to shoulder for Basistek's future investment, Digital Journey Coach Şebnem Gürler Oakman and our General Manager Mehmet Ali Ceylan came together for the 2024 leg of the project.

BASISTEK enriches its vision of “Strong, forward moving, making a difference with knowledge and experience, becoming an international information technology solution” by investing in its organization. BASISTEK, which sees people as its most valuable asset, started a series of initiatives that align its organization with its growth targets, competitive market conditions and the requirements of the digital age with the "Get Ready For Tomorrow" program, in 2023. In this program, BASISTEK decided to collaborate with Şebnem Gürler Oakman and benefit from her 28 years of Technology / Digital Transformation / Organization Management experience.

Organizational goals were defined according to growth strategies

Within the scope of the program, the focus was on transforming the organisation into one that embraces growth targets, demonstrates leadership, constantly learns, and develops and demonstrates skills and competence, at all levels. With the work carried out throughout 2023, an innovative and dynamic organizational structure, role / level definitions inline with the market and service requirements, skill and competence maps and a multi-dimensional performance management system focusing on development were created. Organizational goals were defined according to growth strategies, cascaded to all employees, and a systematic approach was introduced for measurement & evaluation. In addition to quantitative targets, qualitative targets that will ensure skill and competency development were also included. The work was carried out with an inclusive approach, ensuring that employees were a part of the process.

Targets are set for 2024

The organizational development program, which has advanced with great efforts in 2023, will continue with active practices at all levels in 2024. BASISTEK aims to increase its success in the field of information technology to new levels by investing in the organization. General Manager Mehmet Ali Ceylan stated that he is proud of the point reached so far and that he believes the strong ecosystem they have established with customers, business partners and employees will take confident, forward steps with a future ready organisation.


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