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Our software and platforms, which produce solutions for tomorrow's needs constantly renew themselves, continue to carry your business into the future by offering sustainable tech solutions.

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By integrating with all monitoring systems, you can collect system metrics on a single screen and monitor all systems via the OBM screen.


Turn your Business Project Portfolio Planning experience into efficient time and budget management with less budget. Manage more portfolios in less time.

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Connect Once Collect Data

With BASIC, which can be integrated with all monitoring systems, you can collect your system metrics on a single screen, You can receive your alerts from a single point by integrating with e-mail, sms, slack and teams.

BASIC By working in integration with different monitoring systems, it allows monitoring of all systems over the OBM screen. It supports the transfer of data to new systems during version migrations.

Capabilities of BASIC Integration Software

  • Monitoring CPU, RAM, disk, transaction metrics on a single screen

  • Transfer of data from old system to new system

  • Graphic display of desired data

  • Integrated with notification systems (email, sms, slack, teams)

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Eliminate Inefficiency from your business with Project Portfolio Planning Experience with aangine
  • PMI: At least 10% of any portfolio budget is wasted for various planning reasons!

  • An institution that has an average annual planning capacity of 100 projects plans an average of 122 projects with aangine.

  • While it finishes 45 projects on time, it completes 89 projects on time with aangine.

  • While completing a total of 68 projects in the portfolio period, it completes 92 projects with aangine.

  • While using a 100M TL budget, aangine uses a 93M TL budget.

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BASISTEK 1920x1080 LC_edited_edited.png
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