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The Master Has Benefited From Its Expertise!


Basistek, one of the top priority companies in the sector in the consultancy of Information Technologies Infrastructure Management and Information Governance solutions, has recently rolled up its sleeves to digitize its internal processes. Basistek, which aims to raise the service quality it provides to its customers every day, started this project in order to raise the bar even more in terms of efficiency, measurability and manageability in its own internal processes. Basistek's primary goal was to manage the time, cost, scope and all other resources of many ongoing projects for its customers from a single point within the company. In the second stage, real-time reports specific to each customer were created regarding the projects managed in this way. Realizing this digital transformation project using BTSOFT's domestic and national software platform, Basistek implemented the project in a short period of 2 months, with the support it received from INFOBIEN, thanks to the ease of use of the software platform and the level of expertise of the team working on the project. Basistek, which aims to launch its own software in the near future, in its area of ​​expertise, Service Management and Inventory (asset) Management, aims to meet customer needs in a short time by acting much faster than its competitors, especially in workflow and customization situations, thanks to the flexibility of the platform it has developed.

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