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NMB Bank strengthened its IT infrastructure by completing the modernization of ITSM processes.


NMB Bank, has completed the modernization of ITSM processes with a project which strengthened the sustainable service and continuous quality within the scope of digital business management was completed by BASISTEK consultancy.

NMB Bank, which provides commercial banking services in the United Republic of Tanzania through its 3 main business divisions, Retail, Wholesale and Treasury, provides a full range of financial services and products to retail customers, farmers, SMEs, companies, institutions and the government.

NMB Bank, which has 226 branches across the country, more than 9000 representatives and more than 700 ATMs, is represented in all regions of Tanzania, and is also one of the largest financial institutions in the country with more than 4 million customers and more than 3400 employees.

Aiming to realize the concept of sustainable service and continuous quality within the scope of the most effective management of digital business management procedures, NBM Bank can access the information technology infrastructure more quickly and efficiently, intervene in the fastest way to instant problems, and manage ITSM processes in the most modern and effective way. With the implementation of the project that will enable healthier activities and analysis, end-to-end monitoring to be maintained in a more effective and automated manner, the servers that are monitored become widespread, and many solutions to be realized, thanks to automation.

With the centralized organizational structure approach, corporate services other than IT can be managed more easily to be used in different business processes. Creation of the configuration management database where the project and configuration information will be kept, including the products positioned as corporate applications; Automation processes enabled secure management of issues, changes, events and assets in the hybrid IT environment with real-time view of inventory and infrastructure dependencies.

Roadmap with deep analysis

NMB Bank and BASISTEK teams, which cooperated at the point of consultancy and operation of the project in order to create a faster and more efficient infrastructure at the beginning of the process, put the data on the table for monitoring activities and analysis and created the project task lists. In the project, where the creation of certain question patterns and sample templates in order to reveal a monitoring-oriented perspective is very important for effective monitoring, some key products were integrated into the system.

End-to-end values ​​created

With the completion of the project, all processes of IT operation, human resources and administrative affairs were centralized, enabling the effective management of end users' demands and problems through a single service catalog. With the project, end-to-end traceability was ensured in NMB business processes, increasing operational efficiency and service quality; In this way, ITSM provided consolidation by defining the relationships between processes through a single data source and common platform. Information security has been increased as only the relevant departments and teams can see their own records. With each new registration opened in the institution, corporate memory began to be created and operational awareness was increased through effective reporting. Efficiency targets were achieved by creating decision support on processes and enabling the relevant approvals to be given either through the application or via mobile devices.


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