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Basistek Landing Saudi Arabia


Basistek, one of Turkey's largest companies in the field of IT and business services management, is making new breakthroughs in order to increase its market share by seeing the strategic importance given to Saudi Arabia by global investors.


Basistek, who took serious steps towards the goal of sustainable growth with multinational projects by collaborating with Nesma Holding in 2012, agreed with Majdi Nada, who works as the Senior IT Solutions Manager at Huawei. Majdi Nada, who started to work as the Presales and Business Development Manager in the Saudi Arabian Riyadh office as of August, will market Basistek's services and solutions together with the executives of NT&T (Nesma Telecom & Technology). Basistek, which will offer technologies that will provide speed, efficiency and competitive advantage to institutions and organizations, aims to generate an average of $2.5 million in consultancy and license income related to the marketing of its services and products in Saudi Arabia. While it is aimed to increase the quality by realizing the projects sold with expert resources from Turkey, it is also planned to increase the market share of Turkey in Information Technologies around the world.



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