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Value Added
IT Solutions

BASISTEK provides solutions for digitizing and managing IT infrastructures, removing IT from being a cost center where routine tasks are carried out, and positioning it as a value-producing unit for the enterprise. We deliver a portfolio of software that can be scaled at an enterprise level, delivering even the most complex solutions to the most complex needs.

Happy 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Türkiye!
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Services We Provide

BASISTEK provides the same quality service to all its customers with the principle of "Reliability".

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ESM and ITSM, our service to increase the ability to manage processes in many business lines from a single application that...

IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Our service to all large companies, especially to model and manage their business and IT components and their...

App Performance Monitoring

With our (APM) solutions, businesses can monitor whether their IT environment meets performance standards...


Automation software works within the boundaries of tools and frameworks,
with little or no human intervention to the task...

Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management, it is the security and operation discipline in computer security that “provides...


We Made It Together
Some of our customers we have successfully served


Ömer Lütfü Karagöz

Migros Network Communication & Info. Security Manager

''We strongly believe in Basistek’s experience in system infrastructure management. Migros, as a trade, started to monitor and manage it’s systems end-to-end with HP Software, which opened the horizon for us in business technology optimization. We can proactively recognize and take precautions before possible problems occur. Important data affecting the purchasing decisions of Migros IT department are obtained from the HP Software solutions implemented. Thanks to these data, Migros increases the quality of IT procurement decisions day by day.''

Bülent Muşlu

BKM - Information Technologies Deputy General Manager

''By bringing together Basistek’s expert team on HP BSM, it succeeded in minimizing the human impact on its operations. BKM, which keeps the system under control by taking outputs at every stage, thus had the opportunity to monitor the effects of the HP BSM system established by Basistek on the current infrastructure. We took advantage of Basistek’s experience in solutions to create a much more robust monitoring infrastructure. BKM, which wants to benefit from Basistek’s service understanding, has started working on end-to-end service monitoring.''

Announcement, events & news 

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