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Social Responsibility from BASISTEK Information Technologies

Countdown for ITIL Awareness and IT Service Management Trainings, which are starting in 2021, by Wtech Academy that Women in Tech Association organizes and BASISTEK Information Technologies is among the supporters has started.

In addition to specializing in information technologies service management, the training set that will also contribute to self-development of participants with soft skill trainings will also give graduates the opportunity to start working at sector-leading companies.

The training set that gives great opportunities for candidates who have graduated from STEM majors but have not yet found a job and want to improve themselves on Information Technologies Service Management will last 1 month and be provided free for all participants.

Participation and Application

The candidates who apply with their resumes including their contact information until the application deadline, 5 March 2021 and pass interview and test shall deserve to participate in free trainings with limited quota which will start on 15th of March and last for 1 month.

Click the link for detailed information on ITIL Awareness and IT Service Management Trainings and application. Application deadline: Friday, March 5, 2021


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