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Processes Centralized With Basistek In Socar Turkey, Speed And Efficiency Increased

After moving to the central organizational structure, SOCAR Turkey implemented an Enterprise Service Management System Project using Micro Focus SMAX products, in which BASISTEK plays a role as the main contractor business partner and project architect in order to use common processes, common platform and common metrics for the whole group.

SOCAR Turkey, a subsidiary of SOCAR (State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic), one of the world's most established oil and natural gas companies, continues to implement its giant projects, which will reach $19.5 billion when completed. Under the roof of SOCAR Turkey, there are companies such as Petkim, TANAP, STAR Refinery, SOCAR Terminal, Petkim RES, Bursagaz, Kayserigaz, Enervis, SOCAR Energy Trade, Millenicom, SOCAR Trade and SOCAR Storage, each of which is a pioneer in its field. In addition, SOCAR Turkey, the largest partner of the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) Project, which is the most important part of the 3.500-kilometer Southern Gas Corridor from

Baku to Italy with an investment value of $40 billion with the South Caucasus Pipeline (SCP) and Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), uses technology very effectively while managing all these giant projects. The company, which recently implemented the SOCAR SMAX project with Basistek as technology investments, increased operational efficiency and service quality by providing end-to-end traceability in the institution with this project. Regarding the technology investments made, SOCAR Turkey stated that with each new registration, corporate memory has started to be created and emphasized that they have expanded their sphere of influence within the organization with the easier management of corporate services other than IT.

The need for SOCAR Turkey with its central organizational

Structure has completed the integration process in refineries, petrochemicals, energy, logistics, distribution and storage in the past period. Thus, while taking an important step towards becoming the largest industrial holding company in Turkey, there was a need for a different technical infrastructure to meet the needs. Since there was no central organizational structure in the past years, each institution within SOCAR Turkey used a service management system of its own and different processes were operated on these systems. These processes were also evaluated with different metrics. After the transition to the central organization structure, when the need to use common processes, common platforms and common metrics for the whole group arose, SOCAR Turkey started a Corporate Service Management System project with Basistek. During the project, the team of competent consultants of the main contractor business partner Basistek worked in coordination and cooperation with the Information Technologies, Corporate Applications, Human Resources and Administrative Affairs units within SOCAR Turkey and ensured the successful management and finalization of the project.

Secure management provided

Within the scope of the project, which started in November 2019 and completed in 8 months, all ITSM processes were consolidated and managed through Micro Focus SMAX. In addition, Micro Focus SMAX has been positioned as an enterprise application within SOCAR Turkey. Micro Focus uCMDB (Universal Configuration Management Database) and Micro Focus Operations Orchestration products for automation processes were used in the project. With the Micro Focus uCMDB solution, we have securely managed issues, changes, events and assets in the hybrid IT environment with a real-time view of inventory and infrastructure dependencies. With the automation product Micro Focus Operations Orchestration, all automations and integrations within the scope of the project were implemented very quickly.

Efficiency and service quality increased

With the completion of the project, all processes of IT operations, human resources and administrative affairs were centralized and the demands and problems of end users were managed effectively through a single service catalog. With the project, end-to-end traceability was provided in SOCAR, increasing operational efficiency and service quality. In this way, SOCAR Turkey provided consolidation by defining the relations between the processes through a single data source and a common platform in the ITSM processes. Information security has been improved so that only the relevant departments and teams can see their records. With each new registration opened in the company, corporate memory has started to be created and operational awareness has been increased with effective reporting. By creating decision supports on the processes, he achieved his efficiency goals by ensuring that the relevant approvals can be given both through the application and mobile devices.

Reviews have become healthier

With the project carried out, SOCAR Turkey stated that they benefited from different aspects. First of all, this project was one of the first projects in the IT pillar of the integration studies carried out in SOCAR Turkey. Teams from different organizations and with different ways of doing business were ensured to do the same job with the same processes and these jobs were evaluated with the same metrics. In addition, the processes of non-IT teams who did not do business by opening a record beforehand were also moved to the Enterprise Service Management System platform as much as possible. In this way, recording and measuring the works has been beneficial in terms of determining the workforce, hardware capacity and disruptive points.

On the other hand, one of the most important results is that service provider teams increase their accessibility by end users. Previously, processes carried out via email, phone, or instant messaging were made available to users from a common portal. Users can submit their requests from teams such as IT, Operation Technologies, HR, Support Services, Security, Information and Document Management, Quality etc. through the same interface. With the commonization of processes and metrics, evaluations started to be made healthier. In addition, with the additional applications developed on SMAX, some processes previously followed in physical environments were digitized. SOCAR Turkey stated that in addition to determining the need correctly and selecting the product correctly, the process of putting the project into action as expected contributed to the success, and emphasized that working with a team that knows the subject and is expert in its field ensures that they achieve the project objectives without any problems. Speaking on the subject, Deniz Kırca, Micro Focus International Business Strategies and Market Transformation Director, noted that Micro Focus and SOCAR Turkey carried out a successful and coordinated work with strong cooperation, while emphasizing that SOCAR Turkey, which attaches great importance to innovation, will significantly increase its position and power in the Energy sector, where there is intense competition on a global scale due to this understanding.

You can access the BThaber content, where the details of the successful project and all the work done are explained from beginning to end, by clicking on the link.

*Image (From Left to Right):Uğur ÇETİN SOCAR IT Architecture Group Manager, Erdinç Öztürk Basistek ITSM Unit Manager, Mehmet Ali Ceylan BasistekGeneral Manager, Deniz KIRCA Micro Focus International Business Strategy and GTM Director, Nurullah BATTAL SOCAR IT Group Director, Alper Özdemir BasistekManaging Partner, Onur Murat Vursavaş Micro Focus Key Account Manager, Zafer AKIN Micro Focus Turkey&Greece Country Manager


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