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Basistek Focused on More Efficient Working of Information Technology Groups


Providing consultancy services to corporate companies both in Turkey and in the nearby geography on IT management and monitoring, Basistek draws attention to the increasing importance of information security. Barış Baykan, one of the Managing Partners of Basistek, said, "Our goal is to enable information technology groups to work more efficiently. We offer programs that will make them run more smoothly, efficiently and result-oriented." Barış Baykan gave the following information: "The most important problem in the records opened to the help desks is that the person who made the call does not choose the right category. The time it takes to find the person to solve the problem also causes a waste of time. Most of the time, the call may even need to be closed and reopened. That's it. That's it. At this point, Basistek produces a solution with HPE Smart Analytics that will allow users to simply enter their problems without having to choose different fields. The system, which also has Turkish support, interprets the explanation exactly like a human, finds out who it should convey, and directs the call to the right person. The loss of time due to misdirected records is minimized, and the resolution time of the records is shortened." Emphasizing that smart computers that establish a dialogue with the person in front of you are a computer that improves itself as it makes mistakes, Baykan emphasized that the goal is to regulate IT processes and thus enable information technology groups to work more efficiently. Explaining that they are addressing an audience for the group working in information technologies, Baykan stated that they aim to make the holdings work more smoothly by speeding up the processes within themselves.

Target, $2 million in consulting and licensing revenue

Barış Baykan informed that by cooperating with Nesma Holding in 2012, they continue to take serious steps towards the goal of sustainable growth with multinational projects. Baykan said, "Nesma Holding is one of the largest holdings in Saudi Arabia. It plans to make all investments in the information technologies sector through Basistek. Apart from this, it operates in many branches such as Negmar Holding in Turkey, Istanbul Lines Ship Management, European Eye Hospitals. On the IT side. "We are moving forward with Basistek. We have started to work on marketing our service products in Saudi Arabia. In this direction, we plan to generate $2.5 million in consultancy and licensing income. We want to expand into the surrounding markets in order to increase the figure," he said.



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