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BASISTEK Continues Its Vision Journey By Growing

As BASISTEK INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES INC., we have conducted many successful projects with unconditional customer satisfaction in Turkey and MENA Region (Middle East and North Africa) since our company was founded. We continue to add value to our customers and conduct successful projects with our international business partner Micro Focus (HP Software) for over 20 years.

We have always sought cooperation with different solution providers to increase the options that we provide our corporate customers in line with our vision of becoming an international IT provider that is strong, moves people forward and makes a difference with its knowledge and experience.

Now, we are adding a new one to our business partners.

We are starting to work together in Turkey and close area with BMC Software which is an international software company that our expertise correspond to each other in many fields, offers different approaches and solutions worldwide in terms of IT. We are continuing to increase our services to strongly move our customers forward while mutually strengthening each other with the business partnership.

BASISTEK is continuing its journey that it started in line with its vision.

Our vision is our compass.


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