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BMC Software Solutions is on İşNet Cloud Platform with Basistek Expertise & Consultancy


BMC Software, İşNet and Basistek have implemented a new business partnership project with the approach of "Creating value together, for people, by touching the future" to offer all BMC HELIX solutions to customers in the most widespread way in Türkiye.

The signing ceremony of the agreement was held on March 24, 2023 at İşNet Headquarters.

BMC Software, İşNet and Basistek Information Technologies, which keep the satisfaction of customers and business partners at the center and define information solutions approaches that create technology and value for people as the foundation of the country's digital ecosystem; agreed for a business partnership to present BMC Software solutions and products through the İşNet Cloud Platform with Basistek expertise and consultancy. Thus, all products of BMC Software will be offered as a service and solution (SaaS) on a local and widespread platform for the first time in Turkey.

With this strategic step, institutions; they will be able to easily use more innovative IT services with no initial investment cost, with a monthly payment model. In this way, institutions, with the smart service automation capabilities they will use; they will have the opportunity to discover faster, more accurate and efficient information technology management.

Proactive collaboration in delivering performance

Today, as companies' digitalization needs increase rapidly, IT service management plays an increasingly critical role in measuring and monitoring all services that organizations provide, receive and are involved in. At the same time, protecting and optimizing the digital memory of operations, increasing visibility and enabling cost-effective management emerges as an important need. In this context, BMC Software, Basistek and İşNet present their service approach, which considers all IT processes centrally, as a powerful solution.

With its leading and innovative Helix solutions, BMC Software enables organizations to optimize and efficiently operate their digital networks and systems.

Continuing to offer high value-added solutions with its expert service staff and investments, İşNet; It provides a sustainable, secure and flexible infrastructure to its business partners with its Tier 4 design, operation and operation certified data center, nationwide communication infrastructure, comprehensive cloud and cyber security services.

Basistek Information Technologies, which is competent in providing products and solutions with its experienced and expert staff consisting of computer and software engineers in the information technologies sector since 2009, and business partnerships with the leading international technology companies of the sector, has its knowledge and experience in project architecture, configuration, technical support, adaptation. as an inclusive consultancy service.

Companies will be able to use BMC solutions with the SaaS service model

“It is very important in terms of providing proactive IT efficiency by aligning the product-platform-consulting triangle.” said Mehmet Ali Ceylan, General Manager of Basistek Information Technologies, added that the agreement will bring agility and cost advantage to customers. Regarding this business agreement, İşNet General Manager Mehmet F. Can said: “It is a very important step for global technology companies to invest in our country as an integral part of the national economic cycle. By hosting this business partnership, we are extremely happy to contribute to Turkey's digital development and efficiency in IT services and to ensure that our country's data remains in our country." he said.

BMC Software Country Manager Ender Bozanoğlu said: “Turkey is the pioneer of the digital economy in the region and one of the biggest markets for IT services. The country's enormous potential and the possibility of becoming a global hub for technology solutions facilitated our decision to cooperate with Basistek and IsNet. In this journey, by including the knowledge and experience of Basistek, Turkey's leading consultancy company, we offer our customers end-to-end infrastructure, software and consultancy components as a whole, and our customers' actions such as using this solution very quickly, implementing it and growing. This way we will ensure that they do it in a cost-effective manner”.

About BMC

BMC Software, which has been serving its customers all over the world together with its competent business partners since its establishment in 1980, has always been a guide and a guide in the fields it represents. Always taking care to add an innovative approach to its experience from the past, BMC Software contributes to the transformation of its customers into Autonomous Digital Institutions as much as possible while using technology. While contributing to this transformation, BMC Software continues to develop all its solutions in a way that is fully compatible with other solutions in the industry.

About İşNet

Continuing its activities by adopting the vision of accompanying companies on their digital transformation journey with its strong corporate structure, customer-oriented approach, and dynamic and well-equipped teams, İşNet, a subsidiary of Türkiye İş Bankası, provides quality and reliable services in the field of information technologies with its experience of more than 20 years in the sector. İşNet provides services through three data centers in Istanbul and Ankara, one of which has a Tier 4 certificate. It is a leading information technology company that provides internet, virtual network-vpn, satellite access and voice services in reliable, flexible and economical conditions, as well as providing integrated data center, cyber security, cloud and e-transformation services to institutions, enriched with innovative solutions. As a result of the continuous development of technology and the necessity of international competition, it meets the end-to-end technology needs of institutions aiming at digitalization.

About Basistek

Basistek, which started its activities in 2009 with the aim of providing consultancy services in the IT sector, offers products, solutions and services to a wide customer segment with its expert staff by making business partnerships with the leading technology companies of the sector. Basistek, from sectoral solutions to business solutions; As a reliable technology and business partner in a wide range from system integration studies to outsourcing, service and maintenance services to consultancy, it has adopted the principle of providing competitive advantage to its customers. Basistek is one of the leading technology companies in Turkey with its rich business practices and experienced employees with deep knowledge in infrastructure and management software.


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