EnvanterX Inventory Management Software

It is very easy to use the best inventory management platform in Turkey! You can manage all your inventories online from Web and Mobile.

envanterxYou can manage all your inventories online from Web and Mobile.

100% Online Access
With its cloud-based secure infrastructure, you can access from anywhere and any device, and you can make transactions from the web or mobile application.

Constantly Evolving
We take into account the feedback we have received from our customers and we will be with you with a new version every month.

Economic and No Investment Required
There are no high license fees like outdated IT products. With a rental model, you can have low prices for the product.

Mobile Application Support
Today, businesses are perfecting their way of doing business with mobile-oriented solutions. In this process, EnvanterX also addresses your mobile needs.

Reading Form and Barcode
Each product has a specific code and label in EnvanterX. Make it easy to follow with EnvanterX, which is compatible with all barcode writings.

Integration Support
You will have a product that has the feature of working integrated with ERP and CRMs you have used institutionally.




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