About Us

Basistek which started to operate in 2009 renders value-added services to a wide customer portfolio with its experienced computer and software engineers.


About Us

BASISTEK provides better, effective, continuous and quality management of business units and IT Operations Departments of the companies.

It offers innovative solutions and consulting services to accelerate the innovation of companies and to meet market demands.

In the IT business world, BASISTEK has a rich seam of knowledge ranging from sectoral solutions to business solutions, system integration projects and outsourcing to maintenance, support and consulting services. It provides the same quality service to all its customers with the principle of reliability.

By offering the "most favorable" prices in the "highest" quality environment to companies of all scales, BASISTEK meets all of your IT needs from the application and business consultancy to the original applications of the customers, from the fields of operation to the technical services.

With its experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of Micro Focus Software and Oracle IDM, BASISTEK is one of the leading IT companies in the field of technology in Turkey with rich business applications in the infrastructure and the world's leading application arrangements.



BASISTEK provides solutions for digitizing and managing IT infrastructures, removing IT from being a cost center where routine tasks are carried out, and positioning it as a value-producing unit for the enterprise. All IT organizations become traceable and can be followed.


Our Strength

We carry out all our works with regard to unconditional customer satisfaction. With our top-level collaboration with Micro Focus and Oracle, we deliver a portfolio of software that can be scaled at an enterprise level, delivering even the most complex solutions to the most complex needs.


Our Mission

To offer excellent service in IT management and knowledge management with experienced and professional staff. 


Our Vision

Today, widespread use of information and new technologies is shaping the future. All companies who want to increase their profits by decreasing their costs and want to move ahead in competition should be included in digital conversion in a very short period of time. By digitizing our internal processes in a very short period, 2 months, we implemented the infrastructure that will enable the resources of several ongoing projects to be managed from a single point within the company. Thus, we set the pace in the industry and made the generation of customer-specific real-time reports an industrial standard.


Our Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to give customer-oriented and qualified service which considers society, environment, legal regulations and laws, occupational health and safety and is always open to development.